Tilo Schmitz

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Tilo Schmitz
Born1959 (age 6465)
Occupationvoice actor

Tilo Schmitz (born 1959) is a German voice actor from Radebeul. Having a deep, sonorous, basso voice, Schmitz is the official dub-over artist of Christopher Judge, Michael Clarke Duncan, Ving Rhames, Abraham Benrubi and Ron Perlman.



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Master Film is a Polish dubbing studio based in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. The studio was founded in 1992. The studio commissions dubbed and subtitled versions of content for its clients. Master Film is also one of two dubbing studios that Nickelodeon works with to produce Polish versions of material shown on it, the other being Start International Polska. The studio also works with TVN to produce versions of material shown on it and also animated shown on TVN 7's children block, Bajkowe kino.

Events in 1967 in animation.

Venus Centre is a Syrian dubbing studio. Venus Centre specializes in dubbing animation and children's programs to the Arabic language, especially Japanese anime. The company is based in Damascus.

Vittorio Amandola was an Italian actor and voice actor.


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