Tilting our plates to catch the light

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Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light
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Author Cyril Wong
Publisher Firstfruits Publications and Math Paper Press
Publication date
2007 and 2012
ISBN 978-981-05-9385-8

Tilting Our Plates to Catch the Light is a poetry collection by the Singaporean poet Cyril Wong about "two lovers who are in the process of losing each other," [1] bringing into play his background in music, intermingling the lives of gay male-partners with the tribulations of lovers distant and near, including the romance between "two shape-shifting Hindu deities", Shiva and Mohini (the female-incarnation of Vishnu). [2] It brings into focus the experience of living with H.I.V. within the homosexual context. [3] The book was chosen by The Straits Times as among the best five books of 2007 and described by the reviewer as "a luminous symphony". [4]

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Section 377A is a Singaporean law criminalising sex between consenting male adults. The item of legislation was added to the Penal Code in the 1930s. The item remained part of the Singapore body of law after the Penal Code review of October 2007 that removed most of the other provisions in Section 377. The section is entitled Outrages on decency and reads:

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<i>Unmarked treasure</i>

Unmarked Treasure is a poetry collection by the Singaporean poet Cyril Wong, held together by memories about family life and intimate relationships, charged with intense emotions surrounding love, death and exploration of an emptiness within the self. This book marks the first time that an openly gay poet has won both the National Young Artist Award for Literature and the Singapore Literature Prize. As commented on by the poet/playwright Robert Yeo, the book contains "poems about parental displeasure and homosexual relations" but the work also allows the author "to deliberately blur distinctions between the real and the persona The result is a distancing that layers the poems and renders them more fraught and complex and encourages, indeed demands, repeated reading."

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Let Me Tell You Something About That Night is a short-story collection by the Singaporean poet Cyril Wong. His first published foray into prose and listed by The Straits Times as among the best five books of the year, described by the reviewer as possessing "the sharp bite of contemporary issues", the book "takes fairytales and works them into a surreal lustre" and "gestures to a time before fairytales were saccharine fantasies", while a few stories also deal openly with sexuality: "The Boy with the Flower That Grew out of His Ass is a fable of wounding poignancy about homophobia; The Queen & Her Eventual Knowledge of Love is a post-mortem coming-out story."

Wong Kah Chun, also known as Kahchun Wong, is a Singaporean conductor. Wong became the first Asian to win the prestigious international Gustav Mahler Conducting Competition for young conductors held in Bamberg, Germany on 12 May 2016. One of Singapore's most prolific conductors, he will lead as the chief conductor of the Nuremberg Symphony Orchestra in Germany for four years from September 2018.

firstfruits publications is an independent book publisher based in Singapore. It is an imprint of mediaexodus LLP, a design firm which offers copy-editing and translation services. firstfruits publications is known to publish a diverse range of writers from Singapore. It has published numerous poetry volumes and anthologies by writers including Aaron Maniam, Cyril Wong, Eleanor Wong, Madeleine Lee, Ng Yi-Sheng, and Yong Shu Hoong.

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