Tim Clue

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Tim Clue
Tim Clue

1962 (age 6061)
Rochelle, Illinois, United States
Alma mater Bradley University
Eastern Michigan University
  • Comedian
  • Director
  • Motivational speaker [1]
  • Playwright
Years active1991-present
Notable workLeaving Iowa
Other Definitions of Confinement
Tiny Pig
Website www.timclue.com

Tim Clue (born 1962) is an American funny motivational speaker, comedian, director, and playwright, based in Chicago, Illinois. [2] [3] He is the founder of MindSlap Meetings. [4]


As a professional comedian, Clue received his training at The Second City in Chicago. [5] [6] For a brief period, he hosted WGN Radio comedy show and New Year's Eve radio show with Steve Cochran. [7] [8]

Early life and education

Born in 1962, Clue grew up in Rochelle, Illinois. [9] [10] He completed his bachelor's degree in communications from Bradley University in 1985. [11] [12] At Bradley, he met with Marco Benassi and later, both became part of the university speech team. [12] They participated in speech tournaments and in those tournaments performed adapted poetry or short story. [12] As they excelled and became important part of speech team, they were awarded with full scholarship at the university. [12] For a brief period, Clue coached the college speech teams and later taught speech at the College of DuPage. [12]

In 2005, he graduated with a master's in speech communication and rhetoric from the Eastern Michigan University. [13]


Clue started his career by writing a stand-up comedy. [10]

In 1992, he founded Short Story Theatre, a theater company which is focused on combing short fiction and documentary footage. [10] [14] [12]

In 1994, Greek Stories was premiered. [9] In the same year, he directed Bark Like a Comic along with A.J. Lentini, Bill Gorgo and Jimmy Rhodes. [9] In the following year, he and Benassi worked on The Jewish Melody and Other Definitions of Confinement, adapted from the short stories written by Dmitry Stonov. [9] [12]

In 1997, he worked on a show called Greek Streets with Marco Benassi. [12]

In 1999, he co-wrote and directed Tiny Pig with Spike Manton. [10]

In 2004, he worked on the Leaving Iowa with Spike Manton. [15] [16] The comedy was produced by the Purple Rose Theatre Company. [15]

Clue is co-founder of Chicago Sitcom, a production company that develops works for stage, film, and television. Previously, he has worked as the coach of the College of DuPage (COD) national championship speech team. [17]




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