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Tim Hayward

Timothy Matthew Hayward (born 9 July 1963 in Bristol) is a British food writer, broadcaster and restaurateur.



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Fitzbillies on Trumpington Street, Cambridge

Born in Bristol, Hayward was educated at Bristol Grammar School, New College School, and Bournemouth School. [1] He later attended the Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design.

He has published several books including Food DIY (2012) and Knife: The Cult, Craft and Culture of the Cook's Knife (2016) which has now been translated into 8 languages. He is a regular panellist on BBC Radio 4’s The Kitchen Cabinet and has also written and presented several radio documentaries, including the 5-part The Gut Instinct - A Social History (2018), Fungi: The New Frontier (2022) and Bacteria - The Tiny Giants which won Gold in the 2023 New York Festival radio awards.

He is restaurant critic [2] of the FT Magazine , the Financial Times Weekend supplement.

Personal life

Hayward lives in Cambridge where, with his wife Alison Wright, he is proprietor of Fitzbillies, [3] a hundred-year-old bakery, café and local institution.

In November 2020, he was admitted to Addenbrooke's Hospital with COVID-19, subsequently requiring treatment using a ventilator and suffering a pulmonary embolism. He was discharged after a month, having spent 14 days in a coma, and later described himself as "lucky to have lived." [4]



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