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Tim Knight is an international journalism trainer, filmmaker and communications consultant based in Cape Town, South Africa. He's won both New York Emmy and Sigma Delta Chi awards for journalism.

He's worked for three newspapers, United Press International, ABC, NBC and PBS, was executive producer for CBC News in Ottawa, and for 10 years lead trainer and executive producer, CBC TV Journalism Training. [1] He has led broadcast journalism training workshops for thousands of working journalists at hundreds of workshops in more than a dozen countries. [2]

He also produced CBC's flagship news program The National . [3] In July 2011, the Canadian Journalism Foundation published his article criticizing The National. In it, he wrote the program has lost its dedication to both public service and journalistic integrity. [4]

Knight currently writes the media column "Watching the Watchdog" for The Huffington Post Canada. In his column "Save CBC, Kill The National" he argues that CBC Radio's Dispatches and the network's Connect with Mark Kelley should have been spared from CBC's 2012 budget cuts and The National should have been cancelled instead. [5]

In September 2011, Knight debated former CTV News journalist Kai Nagata about the future of Canadian TV news. Prior to the debate Nagata earned brief notoriety for quitting CTV and publicizing his reasons for leaving a career in mainstream TV behind on his blog. [6] The exchange was published online on The Mark and The Huffington Post Canada .

Knight's conclusion in the debate was that journalists across Canada need to “meet, plot, and retake ownership of our news from the cynical establishment.” He called on journalists to form Howard Beale (the mad anchor in the movie Network) societies under the motto "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this any more." [7]

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