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Timothy Reese
37th Treasurer of Pennsylvania
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July 1, 2015 January 17, 2017

After Treasurer Rob McCord resigned in 2015, Reese was nominated for the position by Governor Wolf. [1] As Treasurer of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Reese served as chief executive of the Treasury Department and oversaw an operating budget of more than $40 million and a staff of approximately 350 employees. He served as the chair of the Board of Finance and Revenue, which selects banks to serve as state depositories; sets interest rates paid on Commonwealth deposits; and hears and decides state tax appeals.

During a state budget crisis, Reese avoided a financial shutdown and chaired the investment committee to re-allocate over $1 billion in investments and apply new investment strategies. He established an emerging managers program and invested in affordable housing, small business and infrastructure projects. He developed a Small Business Initiative public–private partnership and implemented an internal training program to promote best practices and employee career growth.

Reese began his career with Honeywell, where he focused on applying software solutions for the paper industry. He was responsible for bringing new products and production capacity on-line. Reese left Honeywell to work with several new technology ventures from 1993 to 2015, serving in positions as manager of information systems, senior vice president, chief technology officer, chief finance officer, and chief executive officer during this time.

Personal life

Reese is married to Sara and has three children. In 2012, he started the National Minority Angel Network to promote investment in companies owned by women, minorities, and veterans. [1] As a panelist during Philly Tech Week 2017, Reese spoke on the benefit of a business plan for minority startups. [3]

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Timothy Lionel DeFoor is an American politician who currently serves as the Pennsylvania Auditor General. He previously served as the Controller of Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. He is the first black auditor general in Pennsylvania history.


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