Tim Roth (musician)

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Tim Roth
Born (1975-12-06) December 6, 1975 (age 46)
Genres Progressive Death Metal
Melodic Death Metal
Power Metal
Occupation(s) Musician
Instruments Vocals
Electric Guitar
Years active1996-present
Labels DVS
Century Media

Tim Roth (born December 6, 1975) is the guitarist, backing vocalist and only remaining founding member of Canadian melodic death metal and progressive metal band, Into Eternity. Roth is very much the mastermind of Into Eternity, plays the majority of their guitar solos and also was originally the lead vocalist. His primary guitar is an Ibanez S470, [1] and has said that he does not use amplifiers in studio recordings, but uses instead a program called Amp Farm. [2] He has been playing guitar for 32 years. He has a somewhat unconventional style of playing revolved on his unique alternate picking style and sweep/tap arpeggios. His vocal style consists of high pitched clean power metal vocals and a more black metal oriented shriek (complementing the deeper death metal growls of his co-vocalists). He has posted several videos on YouTube teaching viewers how to play Into Eternity songs and IE's musical style in general.



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<i>Dead or Dreaming</i> 2001 studio album by Into Eternity

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<i>The Incurable Tragedy</i> 2008 studio album by Into Eternity

The Incurable Tragedy is the fifth full-length studio album by Canadian progressive death metal band Into Eternity. The album was released on August 25, 2008, in Europe through Century Media Records. This is the first album which does not feature longtime drummer Jim Austin, and the first to feature new drummer Steve Bolognese, and guitarist Justin Bender.

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