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Tim Whewell is a radio and television journalist and foreign correspondent with the BBC.



He grew up in Manchester, where his father Harry Whewell worked for the Manchester Guardian , [1] [2] then studied Russian and modern history at University College, Oxford, [1] then trained at Cardiff University's School of Journalism. [3] He was Moscow Correspondent for the BBC World Service from 1990 to 1993. [3] He first worked at the Sheffield Morning Telegraph from 1984, then the Sheffield Star . [1]

In 1991, he broadcast live from the Russian parliament's White House, while it was under siege. [1] His wife Rachel, who worked as his translator, was also in the building. [1] He was foreign reporter for Newsnight for twelve years, until November 2013. [4]

His report on child sacrifices in Uganda for BBC Radio 4's Crossing Continents won the 2010 Best Radio Documentary One World Media Award. [5]

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