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Hong Kong
Founder(s) Sam Yuen
URL timable.com
Launched14 July 2010

Timable is an online event listing platform in Hong Kong, consisting of websites and mobile apps, co-founded by Sam Yuen and Mike Ko in 2010. It displays popular events happening in the city, including concerts, dramas, exhibitions, festivals, events for family, etc. The name refers to its attempt to create a platform that allows users to search by time. Users can search for events, matching their spare time.


Timable, an original word, means "able to time" according to the explanation on its website. The letter "e" is omitted in the word based on common English grammar, like "scalable", "writable". The name is often misspelled as "timeable" or "timetable". At the moment, there is no corresponding Chinese name for Timable.

Listings are contributed by event organizers in Web 2.0 approach, or published by Timable Editors. By the end of 2013, over 23,000 events have been recorded.



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