Time Machine (Rick Wakeman album)

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Time Machine
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 1988
RecordedJune - October 1987
StudioStudio House; Wraysbury, Berkshire
Genre Progressive rock
Label President
Producer Rick Wakeman
Rick Wakeman chronology
The Gospels
Time Machine
A Suite of Gods

Time Machine is a progressive rock album released in July 1988 by Rick Wakeman. [1] The album features guest vocals from Roy Wood.The timings are for the CD release on which 5 tracks were extended versions from the LP edition. LP timings for the extended tracks are: "Angel of Time" (4.38), "Slaveman" (5.05), "Open Up Your Eyes" (5.48), "Make Me a Woman" (4.57) and "Rock Age" (7.48). [2]


Track listing

All tracks composed and arranged by Rick Wakeman

  1. "Custer's Last Stand" - 4:05
  2. "Ocean City" - 4:04
  3. "Angel of Time" - 4:51
  4. "Slaveman" - 6:44
  5. "Ice" - 4:52
  6. "Open Up Your Eyes" - 9:57
  7. "Elizabethan Rock" - 3:14
  8. "Make Me A Woman" - 5:01
  9. "Rock Age" - 8:37



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