Time Traveller (Keith LeBlanc album)

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Time Traveller
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Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 1992 (1992-09)
Genre Electro
Label Blanc
Producer Keith LeBlanc
Keith LeBlanc chronology
Time Traveller

Time Traveller is the fourth album by drummer Keith LeBlanc, released in September 1992 by Blanc Records. [1] [2]


Track listing

All tracks are written by Keith LeBlanc, except where noted.

Side one
1."Skin Stretch" Talvin Singh 2:23
2."Split the Planet" 3:08
3."Major Drum" 1:50
4."Ernie" 1:25
5."Earshot" ("Get This" remix) Skip McDonald 2:13
6."Fight the System" 1:34
7."Point Blanc" 2:02
8."Howi" 1:53
9."Hallelujah" 3:38
Side two
1."Heaven Only Knows"5:34
2."Time Traveller"12:44
CD bonus tracks
13."ESP"Craig Derry, Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish 2:49
14."Nine Times Nine"Skip McDonald, Doug Wimbish2:43
15."Duo" 2:30


Release history

United Kingdom 1992Blanc LP BLC 6
United Kingdom1992Blanc CD BLC 6CD

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