Time Will Fuse Its Worth

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Time Will Fuse Its Worth
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 30, 2006
Genre Sludge metal
Label Prosthetic
Producer Phillip Cope
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To Walk a Middle Course
Time Will Fuse Its Worth
Static Tensions
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Time Will Fuse Its Worth is Kylesa's third full-length album. It was released October 30, 2006 by Prosthetic Records.


Track listing

2."What Becomes an End"4:02
3."Hollow Severer"4:12
4."Where the Horizon Unfolds"4:53
5."Between Silence and Sound"6:18
7."Identity Defined"3:20
8."Ignoring Anger"5:17
9."The Warning"6:26



Critical Reception

Critical reception was positive on this album, with reviews rating it as significantly improved and more composed than previous albums. AllMusic approved of its "admirable experimental streak [...] in the near-psychedelic interludes" [1] while Exclaim! approved of the melding of different influences with an array of vocals. [2] Reviews were indifferent regarding the benefits of the new dual-drummer set-up, with reviewers noting that it rarely added anything extra to the songs.

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