Time and the Maiden

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Time and the Maiden
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Studio album by
ReleasedNovember 16, 1998
Genre Darkwave, dream pop, trip hop, downtempo, ethereal wave
Label Nocturne Records
Claire Voyant chronology
Claire Voyant
Time and the Maiden
Time Again: A Collection of Remixes
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Time and the Maiden is Claire Voyant's second album. All but one of the 10 original songs (Elysium) were remixed for Time Again , a collection of remixes.


Track listing

The original 1998 release contained tracks 1-10. When the album was re-released in 2000, 3 additional bonus tracks were added.

1998 release
1."Love the Giver"5:16
2."Time and the Maiden"4:56
10."Blinking Tears"7:18
Total length:55:15
Re-release 2000
1."Love the Giver"5:16
2."Time and the Maiden"4:56
10."Blinking Tears"7:18
11."Love the Giver (Low Mix)"4:30
12."Bittersweet (Bitter Mix)"4:27
Total length:1:09:29

Release history

1998 Nocturne Records
2000 Metropolis Records MET 196 [1]

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