Time to Smell the Roses

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Time to Smell the Roses
Time to Smell the Roses.jpg
2007 first edition
Author Michael Hoeye
Country United States
Language English
Genre Children's novel
PublisherSpeak, a division of Penguin Putnam
Publication date
Media typePrint (Hardback & Paperback)
ISBN 0-141-32178-4
Preceded by No Time Like Show Time  

Time to Smell the Roses is a children's fantasy mystery novel by Michael Hoeye, first published in 2007. It is the fourth book in the Hermux Tantamoq series, which includes Time Stops for No Mouse , The Sands of Time , and No Time Like Show Time .


Plot summary

While watchmaker and sporadic detective-mouse Hermux Tantamoq is planning his wedding to the aviator Linka Perflinger, multi-millionaire Androse De Rosenquill sends for him and asks him to find a missing squirrel. [1] At the same time, the cosmetics boss Tucka Mertslin is scheming with an unprincipled scientist against a rival cosmetician. A beautiful garden is vandalized, and a body is found which no one recognizes. As Hermux carefully pursues his task, he finds unexpected connections. [2]

The familiar cast of rodents, insects, and others from the three previous Hermux Tantamoq books now includes Thirxen Ghoulter, a coroner whose profession is taxidermy.

Terfle is Hermux's smart pet ladybug, who travels with him and likes to eat jelly and dried aphids.


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Michael Hoeye is an American children's writer. He is the author of the Hermux Tantamoq Adventures, a series of children's mystery novels about a watchmaker mouse.

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<i>No Time Like Show Time</i>

No Time Like Show Time is a children's fantasy mystery novel by Michael Hoeye, first published in 2004. It is the third book in the Hermux Tantamoq series, which includes Time Stops for No Mouse, The Sands of Time, and Time to Smell the Roses.

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The Hermux Tantamoq Adventures are a series of children's novels by Michael Hoeye which follows the story of a watchmaker mouse named Hermux Tantamoq, who becomes a detective. All of the books in the series include the word 'time' in the title.

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