Timeless (Ungu album)

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Greatest hits album by
ReleasedMay 9, 2012
Genre Rock
Label Trinity Optima Production
Ungu chronology
1000 Kisah Satu Hati
Ruang Hati
Singles from Timeless
  1. "Sayang"
    Released: May 2012
  2. "Apa Sih Maumu"
    Released: July 2012
  3. "Kau Anggap Apa"
    Released: November 2012

Timeless is a greatest hits album by Indonesian band Ungu. It was released on May 9, 2012 by Trinity Optima Production. [1] The album compiled ten songs from six previous studio albums with four newest songs, "Apa Sih Maumu", "Kau Anggap Apa", "Sayang" and "Puing Kenangan". In marketing this album, Ungu and the record label working with KFC that this album would be circulated in all KFC stores in Indonesia.

Track listing

1."Apa Sih Maumu"Franco Wellyjat M03:34
2."Kau Anggap Apa"Arlonsy Miraldi04:32
3."Sayang"Sigit Purnomo04:11
4."Hampa Hatiku"Sigit Purnomo03:48
5."Demi Waktu"Franco Wellyjat M05:06
6."Tercipta Untukku (feat. Rossa)"Arlonsy Miraldi04:23
7."Percaya Padaku"Sigit Purnomo03:47
8."Kekasih Gelapku"Franco Wellyjat M04:43
9."Dirimu Satu"Franco Wellyjat M03:41
10."Karena Dia Kamu"Arlonsy Miraldi04:52
11."Laguku"Franco Wellyjat M04:37
12."Cinta Dalam Hati"Arlonsy Miraldi04:43
13."Berikan Aku Cinta"Franco Wellyjat M03:57
14."Puing Kenangan"Franco Wellyjat M & Bryan Takaeluman04:27
Total length:60:18

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