Times Square (The Undead EP)

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Times Square
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EP by
The Undead and Times Square
Released2000 (2000)
Genre Punk
The Undead chronology
Til Death
Times Square
Third World USA

Times Square is a split EP featuring two Bobby Steele bands, the Undead and Times Square, released in 2000. The track "Bullet" is a cover of a song by Steele's prior band, the Misfits.

Track listing

  1. The Undead - "Undead" (live)
  2. The Undead - "Bullet" (live)
  3. Times Square - "Hipocritic Liberal"
  4. Times Square - "42nd Street"


The Undead:

Times Square:

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Jack Natz is an American bass guitarist and vocalist best known as the original bassist of The Undead and a member of the noise rock group Cop Shoot Cop. He has also acted in independent cinema, such as in the 1987 film Submit to Me Now. In 2003, he joined Lubricated Goat, led by musician and composer Stu Spasm, and recorded and toured with them. He lives in Brooklyn, with his attention focused on creating collages, paintings and found object sculptures.