Timmy Towers

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Timmy Towers
Developed by Brilliant TV
Starring Timmy Mallett
Sophie Lawrence
Mark Speight
Alex Lovell
Roger Bremble
Country of originUnited Kingdom
No. of episodes11
Running time20 minutes
Original release
Network ITV (CITV)
Release1997 (1997) 
2002 (2002)

Timmy Towers is a children's television series produced by Brilliant TV that was first shown in 1997. The programme starred Timmy Mallett as himself, Mark Speight as the Abominable No Man, and Roger Bremble as Aunty Knobbly Knees. The character Miss Thing was originally played by Sophie Lawrence, before being replaced by Alex Lovell in the later series.

A pilot episode was broadcast in 1997. There was a summer special and a Christmas special in 1998. The programme was picked up for a full series of 7 episodes in 2000. [1]

Episodes often featured guest appearances. Guests included Rod Hull and Emu, Snug and Cozi, Lorraine Kelly, Stephen Mulhern, and Michaela Strachan.

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