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Timothy Tuttle is a serial entrepreneur and CEO of MindMeld, a San Francisco company with a platform for building intelligent voice interfaces. [1]



Timothy Tuttle studied at the Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Lab for Computer Science at MIT, where he received his BS, MS, and PhD. He also served as a member of the research staff at MIT and Bell Laboratories. [2]

In 2000, Tuttle left research to co-found Bang Networks, builder of the Internet's first large-scale content distribution network for real-time data, where he served as CTO. [3] [4] In 2004, Tuttle co-founded Truveo, his second company, a video search engine that was acquired by AOL in 2006. [5] Following the acquisition, Tuttle served as Senior Vice President at AOL. In 2011, Tuttle began work on his third company MindMeld. [6]

Tuttle is a recipient of the Harvard Business School Dubilier Prize for Entrepreneurship and was selected as one of the 100 Top Young Innovators by MIT Technology Review Magazine. [7]

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