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The Tin Ka Ping Foundation is a non-profit charitable organisation founded in 1982 by Dr. Tin Ka Ping in Hong Kong. [1] It has supported more than a thousand charitable projects in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and Taiwan, encompassing areas such as education, medical, hygiene, entertainment, infrastructures, culture and social welfare. Donations made by the Foundation have exceeded a billion Hong Kong dollars and hundreds of facilities and buildings.


In Hong Kong, the foundation has made numerous generous donations to fund scholarships, research grants and building improvements to tertiary institutions. More than 20 primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and elderly and youth care centres are named after Dr. Tin.

In Mainland China, the foundation has provided funding to more than 90 tertiary institutions, 166 secondary schools, more than 40 primary schools and kindergartens, about 20 colleges, over 1650 suburban libraries and around 30 hospitals and sanatoria across 34 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. [2]

In addition, "Tin Ka Ping Foundation" has contributed 29 hospitals, 130 bridges and roads, and 200 other livelihood projects.

Founder Tin Ka-ping died in July 2018 [3]  at age 99 at his home in Hong Kong. He was awarded an MBE in 1996 by Queen Elizabeth II, and the Grand Bauhinia Medal in 2010. [4]


In 2009, the foundation" was re-organized by developing a new mission. The objectives of the Foundation are to comfort the elderly and assist the young, to build schools and promote education in enhancing and promoting culture, to contribute to the welfare of fellow-citizens, and to contribute to the community and the country. [1]


Schools and Colleges

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Tin Ka Ping, also known as K. P. Tin or Tian Jiabing, was a Hong Kong–Chinese businessman and philanthropist. He was the founder and chairman of Tin’s Chemical Industrial Company and the Tin Ka Ping Foundation.


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