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Tina Roth Eisenberg is a Swiss designer based in Brooklyn, New York. [1] [2] She is best known for founding the Swiss Miss design blog and studio (stylized as "swissmiss" and "swiss-miss"). [3] She is also the founder of Friends Work Here, CreativeMornings, TeuxDeux and Tattly. [4] [5]


Tina Roth Eisenberg was born and raised in Speicher, Switzerland. [2] After highschool in Trogen she studied communication design in Geneva, Switzerland and Munich, Germany and earned her degree in 1999. [6]

In 1999, Tina Roth Eisenberg took an internship at a small design studio in New York City. [2] [7] After three months, she accepted an offer for a full-time job at the studio. Tina founded CreativeMornings, a monthly lecture series, in October 2008. [8] The lecture series receives 100 to 500 attendees and extends to over 196 cities worldwide. [8] In 2008, Roth-Eisenberg became a Design Director for Plumbdesign (which became Thinkmap and was rebranded by Roth Eisenberg). [2] [6] She founded swissmiss, a design blog and studio, in 2005. [5] [7]

Roth-Eisenberg created TeuxDeux, a to-do app, with her studio mates Cameron Kozcon and Evan Haas. In 2008, Eisenberg opened Studiomates, a co-working space. She founded CreativeMornings, an international breakfast lecture series in 2008. [9] Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of Tattly, a design temporary tattoo startup. [7] [10] Eisenberg was featured as a keynote speaker at South by Southwest (SXSW) in 2013 and at Adobe MAX in 2017. [11] [12] [13] That year, GDUSA included her on its list of People To Watch. [14] In 2014, Eisenberg served as mentor for Shopify’s Build a Business Competition. [15] In April 2015, she opened Friends Work Here, a co-working space in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn.

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