Tino Mewes

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Tino Mewes
Born (1983-04-05) 5 April 1983 (age 40)
Years active2002–present

Tino Mewes (born 5 April 1983) is a German actor. [1] He has appeared in more than fifty films since 2002.



2002 Do Fish Do It? Jan
Epstein's Night  [ de ]Adam Rose - 16 Jahre
2003 Learning to Lie Long shepherd
2004 Love in Thoughts Django
Kleinruppin forever René
Night of the Living Dorks Philip
2005RoseKlaus Grund
2008 The Wave Schädel
The Red Baron Oberleutnant Kurt Wolff
Coxless Pair  [ de ]Johann
2010 Three Junger Zuschauer
2011 I Phone You Student
Pariser Platz - BerlinDrunks on the Boat 2 / Pothead 2
205 – Room of Fear Dirk
2013 Zur Sache, Macho! Daniel SpatzTV movie
When Inge Is Dancing  [ de ]Fabio
2014 Not for Cowards  [ de ]UlliTV movie
Playing Doctor Voice
Die Schlikkerfrauen  [ de ]Arne
2017Königin von NiendorfThomas
2019 Cleo Arzt
2022 1899 SebastianTV series

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