Three (2010 film)

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Directed by Tom Tykwer
Produced by Stefan Arndt
Written byTom Tykwer
Starring Sophie Rois
Sebastian Schipper
Devid Striesow
Music by Reinhold Heil
Johnny Klimek
Gabriel Isaac Mounsey
Tom Tykwer
Cinematography Frank Griebe
Edited by Mathilde Bonnefoy
Release date
  • 10 September 2010 (2010-09-10)(Venice)
  • 23 December 2010 (2010-12-23)(Germany)
Running time
120 minutes

Three (German : Drei) is a 2010 German drama film written, co-scored and directed by Tom Tykwer. The film was nominated for the Golden Lion at the 67th Venice International Film Festival. [1]

German language West Germanic language

German is a West Germanic language that is mainly spoken in Central Europe. It is the most widely spoken and official or co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol in Italy, the German-speaking Community of Belgium and Liechtenstein. It is one of the three official languages of Luxembourg and a co-official language in the Opole Voivodeship in Poland. The languages that are most similar to German are the other members of the West Germanic language branch, including Afrikaans, Dutch, English, the Frisian languages, Low German/Low Saxon, Luxembourgish, and Yiddish. There are strong similarities in vocabulary with Danish, Norwegian and Swedish, although those belong to the North Germanic group. German is the second most widely spoken Germanic language, after English.

Tom Tykwer German film director, screenwriter, film producer and film composer

Tom Tykwer is a German film director, producer, screenwriter, and composer. He is best known internationally for directing the thriller films Run Lola Run (1998), Heaven (2002), Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (2006), and The International (2009). He collaborated with The Wachowskis as co-director for the science fiction film Cloud Atlas (2012) and the Netflix series Sense8 (2015–2018). Tykwer is also well known as the co-creator of the internationally acclaimed German television series Babylon Berlin.

Golden Lion The highest prize given to a film at the Venice Film Festival

The Golden Lion is the highest prize given to a film at the Venice Film Festival. The prize was introduced in 1949 by the organizing committee and is now regarded as one of the film industry's most prestigious and distinguished prizes. In 1970, a second Golden Lion was introduced; this is an honorary award for people who have made an important contribution to cinema.



Hanna and Simon are in a long-term relationship which, though loving, has grown sexually unexciting. Soon after Simon's mother dies from overdosing on pills, after being diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer, he discovers that he has testicular cancer and must undergo surgery and chemotherapy. The night of his surgery, Hanna has a sexual encounter with a man called Adam, and Simon learns that he had fathered a child seventeen years earlier, although the woman opted for an abortion. Simon, who had assumed that either he or Hanna was infertile, is assured that he should still be able to have children after his surgery. During his recovery, Simon and Hanna decide to finally wed. Shortly beforehand, Simon encounters Adam at the pool and begins an affair with him as well.

The couple's separate affairs lead to greater happiness and sexual desire felt for one another. Adam, unaware that his two lovers are involved, develops feelings for them both. The affairs are divulged soon after Hanna discovers that she is pregnant; because she was sleeping with both Adam and Simon at the time of conception, she does not know the identity of the father. Now separated, both Hanna and Simon never contact Adam. Hanna moves to England, where she discovers that she is pregnant with twins. After she receives an invitation to an art gallery in Germany, she reconnects with Simon. The two admit that they have missed each other, but they also miss Adam. The film ends with the couple arriving at Adam's flat, where they coalesce into a happy spooning threesome.

Physical intimacy Sensual proximity or touching

Physical intimacy is sensual proximity or touching. It is an act or reaction, such as an expression of feelings, between people. Examples of physical intimacy include being inside someone's personal space, holding hands, hugging, kissing, caressing and sexual activity. Physical intimacy can often convey the real meaning or intention of an interaction in a way that accompanying speech simply cannot do. Physical intimacy can be exchanged between any people but as it is often used to communicate positive and intimate feelings, it most often occurs in people who have a preexisting relationship, whether familial platonic or romantic, with romantic relationships having increased physical intimacy. Several forms of romantic touch have been noted including holding hands, hugging, kissing, cuddling, caressing and massaging, and physical affection is highly correlated with overall relationship and partner satisfaction.


Sophie Rois is an Austrian actress. She has appeared in such films as Three, 180°, Enemy at the Gates and television programmes such as Polizeiruf 110 and Die kleine Monsterin (voice).

Sebastian Schipper German actor and film director

Sebastian Schipper is a German actor and filmmaker.

Devid Striesow German actor

Devid Striesow is a German actor. He starred as "Sturmbannführer Herzog" in Stefan Ruzowitzky's 2007 film The Counterfeiters, which was awarded the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film for that year.

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