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Tio Tepandi (real name Tiiu Tepandi; [1] born 24 November 1947) is an Estonian artist. She was born in Lüganuse, Estonia. Her grandfather was a gardener of the local estate. The memories of her birthplace, its beauty and harmony have always accompanied and influenced the artist.


Early life and education

Tio Tepandi was born in Lüganuse, Ida-Viru County and studied in the Institute of Arts in the Chair of Architecture Design from 1966 to 1971.[ citation needed ]


Tepandi has worked in various Estonian theaters as for over 17 years. During the years from 1972 to 1985, she worked together with several well-known cultural figures and producers, including Epp Kaidu, Kaarin Raid, Kaarel Ird, Ülo Vilimaa, Evald Hermaküla, Jaan Tooming, Raivo Adlas and others as an artist-producer in the Tartu theater Vanemuine. [2]

Until 2000 she worked as the Director of Interior Design and Arts in the Estonian National Library (ENL). During her 6 years in ENL, she designed and planned a multitude of international and national events and art galleries. She also actively planned and designed and/or redesigned the ENL’s interior visual informational system, banquet halls, furniture and landscaping.[ citation needed ]


She has designed and produced two books/albums of two important cultural figures.


Title: Marie Under Publisher: Estonian Literary Museum and Publishing House "Ilmamaa" 2003

Title: Evaldi Armastus. Kirjad ("The Love of Evald. Letters") Publisher: Publishing House "Tänapäev" 2005


Personal life

From 1969,Tiiu Tepandi was married to actor, singer and theatre pedagogue Tõnu Tepandi.[ citation needed ]

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