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Industry Retail
Fatemerged with Joske's
SuccessorJoske's (1979–1987); Dillard's (1987–present)
Headquarters Dallas, Texas, United States
ProductsClothing, footwear, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, and housewares

Titche-Goettinger (later known as Titche's) was a department store chain based in Dallas, Texas (United States). It was established in 1902 and was a major player in the Dallas retail market until its merger with Joske's, which was later absorbed by Dillard's.



The Wilson Building at Main and Ervay Streets in downtown Dallas housed Titche-Goettinger between 1904 and 1929. Today it is a luxury-apartment building. Wilson Building Dallas.jpg
The Wilson Building at Main and Ervay Streets in downtown Dallas housed Titche-Goettinger between 1904 and 1929. Today it is a luxury-apartment building.

The Titche-Goettinger Department Store, formed in 1902 by Max Goettinger and Edward Titche, [1] [2] [3] opened on the southeast corner of Elm and Murphy streets. [4] Two years later, they moved to the Wilson Building. [4] [2] In 1928, the company began construction on a new location between Main and Elm streets at St. Paul Street to house more merchandise, including ready-to-wear apparel. [5] [6]

In December 1928, before the new building was complete, Titche-Goettinger was sold to Hahn Department Stores. [7] Hahn would also purchase the San Antonio, Texas, retailer Joske's the following year. [8] The Great Depression affected the retail market during Hahn's ownership, changing the market. [9] [10] The store's competitive edge was largely lost to hometown rivals Neiman Marcus and Sanger-Harris. In 1935, Hahn Department Stores changed its name to Allied Stores Corporation. [9]

The department store expanded to the suburbs in the 1950s. [11] [12] Allied merged the Titche-Goettinger stores with Joske's in 1979, [12] which was eventually purchased by Dillard's in 1987. [13]

Flagship store

The Titche-Goettinger Building between Elm and Main at St. Paul in downtown Dallas was the department store's flagship between 1929 and 1979. Titche-Goettinger Building.jpg
The Titche-Goettinger Building between Elm and Main at St. Paul in downtown Dallas was the department store's flagship between 1929 and 1979.

The downtown Dallas flagship store is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is a key contributing structure in Dallas' Harwood Historic District and Main Street District. It opened in 1929 and closed in 1987, and now houses loft-style apartments and the Universities Center at Dallas.

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Macroplaza Mall, formerly Pasadena Town Square Mall and Plaza Paseo Mall, is a regional shopping mall in Pasadena, Texas, southeast of Houston. Developed by Federated Department Stores Realty and attached to an existing Foley's Department store, it opened March 1982. The mall originally featured Joske's, Foley's, and Palais Royal as its anchor stores. At the time it was built, its location was unusual as it was one of only a few malls in the Houston area not near a highway. Joske's was rebranded as Dillard's in 1987 following the purchase of the Joske's chain. Sears was added as the fourth anchor in 1997 in an effort to increase traffic; and allow the mall to be seen as a larger regional mall. All four Anchor Stores Dillard's, Sears, Macy's, and Palais Royal currently sit vacant.


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