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Titia Ex
Titia Ex

November 2, 1959
Nationality Dutch
Known for Conceptual art
An LED display in the shape of a Globe. The work is inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy and the name of The Walk refers to Dante's travels from Hell to Purgatory and ultimately Heaven. The Walk by Titia Ex.jpg
An LED display in the shape of a Globe. The work is inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy and the name of The Walk refers to Dante's travels from Hell to Purgatory and ultimately Heaven.

Titia Ex (born Terwinselen, November 2, 1959) is a Dutch conceptual artist. She lives and works in Amsterdam. [1]



Ex uses light, space, and materials to create her light installations. She uses light in the widest sense possible — natural light, artificial light, plus materials that respond to light such as glass, neon, and LED — to create interactive environments.

'Dolmen Light' received 2015 Lamp Lighting Solutions Award Emmen - Hondsrugtunnel.jpg
'Dolmen Light' received 2015 Lamp Lighting Solutions Award

Receiving international acclaim for her "Flower from the Universe", Ex establishes herself firmly as an LED artist [2] Next, her "The Walk" [3] is received well by critics and the general public wherever it is shown. "The Waiting" was selected winner in the Landscape category for the 2013 People's Choice Awards. [4] The "Dolmen Light Tunnel" won the 2015 Lamp Lighting Solutions Award in the category Urban and Landscape Lighting. [5]

Flower from the Universe by Titia Ex, as shown in London Flower from the Universe London Titia Ex.jpg
Flower from the Universe by Titia Ex, as shown in London

Selected works

Appears@Amsterdam Titia-Ex-brug.jpeg

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