To Bina Mo Kahani Adha

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To Bina Mo Kahani Adha
Directed by Sanjay Nayak
Written by Upendra kishore Das
Screenplay by Sanjay Nayak
Produced byPurna Chandra Das
Bijay Kumar Patra
Starring Anubhav Mohanty
Archita Sahu
Ajit Das
Jairam Samal
Edited bySiba Prasad Mohanty
Music by Santiraj Khosla
Distributed by Omm Movies
Release date
  • 14 June 2007 (2007-06-14)
Language Odia

To Bina Mo Kahani Adha is a 2007 Oriya film directed by Sanjay Nayak starring Anubhav Mohanty, Archita Sahu, and Jairam Samal. [1]



Arun is a rich young man. He goes to a village to see a girl because his parents wanted to conduct his marriage with that girl. But in the village, Arun is arrested by the girl and is sent to jail. Arun returns from jail to tries to impress the girl, and even manages to finally tie the knot. However, on the fourth night, he confesses that he had merely resorted to manipulation so as to seek revenge on her. Eventually, director Sanjay Nayak grants the movie a happy ending.



The music of the film composed by Santiraj Khosla. The tracks from the film include:

Janama Deinu Sina Deichu SnehaNibeditaBijay Malla
Kholide Tora Gabhaa GajaraaBabul Supriyo, NibeditaNirmal Nayak
Mun Barasa Mun Bijuli Mun Chaiti BaaSwansya, NibeditaNirmal Nayak
Sabuthu Alagaa Aama Prema KaahanBabul Supriyo, NibeditaArun Mantri
Paagala Mun Premika Mun Sapanara Banika MunAbhijit MisraArun Mantri


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