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To Da Max - Mistakes and Outtakes (1997-2004)
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ReleasedMarch 20, 2007
Label Volcom Entertainment
Pepper chronology
No Shame
To Da Max - Mistakes and Outtakes (1997-2004)
Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations
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To Da Max - Mistakes and Outtakes (1997-2004) is a compilation album by the band Pepper, composed of B-sides, demos, and live performances.

Track listing

  1. The Arena (2000)
  2. New Beef (2001)
  3. Green Hell (Live) (2001)
  4. Armagideon Time (Live) (2002)
  5. Good Enough (Demo) (2003)
  6. Too Much (Demo) (2001)
  7. Blunt (1997)
  8. Stormtrooper (Demo) (2001)
  9. Wasting Time (2000)
  10. Dust On My Shoes (2001)
  11. Peanuts (2000)
  12. Danger, Danger (2003)
  13. New Sunday (2000)
  14. Lie Rumor Lie (2000)
  15. Lost (2000)
  16. 2B (2004)
  17. Point and Shoot (Demo) (2003)
  18. Lucy (Demo) (2003)
  19. Medley (2005)
  20. Give It Up (Demo) (2001)

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