To Have and to Hold (disambiguation)

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To Have and to Hold or To Have & to Hold may refer to:







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<i>To Have and to Hold</i> (1916 film) 1916 film by George Melford

To Have and to Hold is a 1916 American silent adventure/drama film directed by George Melford. Based on the 1899 novel of the same name, the film starred Wallace Reid and Mae Murray in her film debut.

<i>Seesaw</i> (TV series) British television crime drama, written by Deborah Moggach

Seesaw is a three-part British television crime drama, written by Deborah Moggach and directed by George Case, first broadcast on ITV on 12 March 1998. The series, based upon Moggach's own novel of the same name, stars David Suchet and Geraldine James as Morris and Val Price, an upper-middle class couple whose daughter, Hannah, is kidnapped and held to ransom for £500,000. Forced to sell everything they own to ensure the safe return of their daughter, Morris and Val are further shattered by the revelation that Hannah is pregnant with the kidnapper's baby.