To Live Again (album)

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To Live Again
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Live album by
Genre Heavy metal
Label Zero Corporation
Tarot chronology
To Live Forever
To Live Again

To Live Again is the first live album from Tarot. The album was released only in Japan, by Zero Corporation, but the album was remastered and released in Finland in 2006. Some tracks were re-released along with Stigmata.

Track listing

  1. "Children of the Grave"
  2. "Live Hard Die Hard"
  3. "Iron Stars"
  4. "No Return"
  5. "Tears of Steel"
  6. "Breathing Fire"
  7. "Midwinter Nights"
  8. "Wings of Darkness"
  9. "Rose on the Grave"
  10. "Things That Crawl at Night"
  11. "Dancing on the Wire"
  12. "Lady Deceiver"
  13. "The Colour of Your Blood"
  14. "The Chosen"
  15. "Kill the King"
  16. "Do You Wanna Live Forever"

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