To Make a Killing

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To Make a Killing
DVD cover
Directed by Karl Zwicky
Written by P. J. Hogan
Karl Zwicky
Produced byCharles Hannah
David Hannay
StarringTamblyn Lord
Craig Pearce
Tiffiny Dowe
Kelly Dingwall
CinematographyJohn Stokes
Edited byRoy Mason
Music byRobert Scott
John Sleith
Release date
  • 1988 (1988)
Running time
88 minutes
BudgetA$640,000 [1]

To Make a Killing (also known as Vicious and Wild Boys [2] ) is a 1988 Australian drama thriller film written and directed by Karl Zwicky and co-written by P. J. Hogan. It stars Tamblyn Lord, Craig Pearce, Tiffiny Dowe and Kelly Dingwall.



Damon (Tamblyn Lord) graduates from high school but ends up bored on summer vacation and looks to rebel. He meets a trio of home invaders led by Terry (Craig Pearce) whose lifestyle offers Damon the excitement he craves, until the gang's crimes escalate during a home invasion, which results in murder. Damon must now decide how far he's willing to go to survive.



Producers Tom Broadbridge and David Hannay had decided to make a package of four exploitation films all shot on 35mm for the world video market which were all shot in late 1987. This was one of them - Broadbridge wanted Zwicky to make another script but he wanted to make his own and the producers agreed. The script was written in five weeks and the movie was shot in four 6-day weeks in the northern suburbs of Sydney.


The film was not released theatrically and went straight to video.

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