To Strangers and Friends

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To Strangers and Friends
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Studio album by
Genre Folk/Rock/Gospel
Label Kingsway KMR323
Producer John Pantry
Nick Ryan
John Pantry chronology
Nothing is Impossible
To Strangers and Friends
Hot Coals

To Strangers and Friends is the title of the fifth solo album by the British singer-songwriter John Pantry. [1]


Track listing

Side one

  1. "Don't be Careless" (John Pantry)
  2. "Don't Touch" (John Pantry)
  3. "I Want to be Like You" (John Pantry)
  4. "Runours" (John Pantry)
  5. "Loneliness" (John Pantry)

Side two

  1. "A Change of Heart" (John Pantry)
  2. "Blame it on the One I Love" (Kelly Willard)
  3. "Going Over Old Ground" (John Pantry)
  4. "I Belong to You" (John Pantry)
  5. "Awake" (John Pantry)


Production notes

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