To co nas łączy

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To co nas łączy
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 25, 2004
Genre Punk rock
Label Rock'n'roller
Producer Zdzisław Jodko
The Hunkies/Eye for an Eye chronology
To co nas łączy

This split CD contains songs by two Polish hardcore bands: The Hunkies and Eye for an Eye


Track listing

The Hunkies tracks

  1. Introduction
  2. Teraz czy później (eng. Now or later)
  3. Nadczłowiek (eng. Superhuman)
  4. Nie wierzę z całych sił (eng. I strongly do not believe)
  5. Twarda dyscyplina (eng. Hard discipline)
  6. Hunkies
  7. Jaki mam być (eng. What I'm supposed to be like)
  8. Czy starczy sił? (eng. Will we have enough strength?)

Eye for an Eye tracks

  1. Bramy (eng. Gates)
  2. Manekin
  3. Własny ląd (eng. An own land)
  4. Hardcore (?) łączy nas (eng. Hardcore (?) is uniting us)
  5. True till death
  6. To (eng. It)
  7. Wyjście z cienia (eng. Exit from the shadow)


The Hunkies

Eye for an Eye


  1. Jimmy Jazz Records

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