Toasted (album)

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ReleasedJanuary 1, 2001
RecordedApril 1998
Label Bong Load Custom
Producer Chris Goss
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Flames for All
Cruel & Delicious
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Toasted is the fourth album from Fatso Jetson, released on Bong Load Custom Records. [2] [3] Originally recorded in 1998, it wasn't completely released until 2001. This album was re-issued on LP in 2012 for the European Tour.


Track listing

1."New Age Android"4:33
3."I've Got the Shame"2:27
4."She's so Borg"4:38
5."Swollen Offering"5:53
6."Tutta Dorma"4:35
7."Rail Job"1:45
8."Procrastination Process"3:46
9."Too Many Skulls"6:39


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