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Tobbe Blom
Tobbe Blom during an August 2007 performance in Sundbyberg

Tobias Peter "Tobbe" Blom (born 28 September 1975) is a Swedish TV host on TV4 and magician. He is well-known under his stage name Tobbe Trollkarl. [1]

Tobbe was the host of Idol 2005 along Johan Wiman and has also done a kids show for morning TV on TV4. In 2007 he danced in the hit show Let's Dance and became first runner up after Martin Lidberg. Tobbe was a judge on the TV4 show Talang in 2007 and 2008, and hosted seasons 20092011.

He has provided the Swedish-dubbing voice of Spyro for The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning , The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night , and The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon . In 2013, he won the title for Kändishoppet , the Swedish version of the international reality television series Celebrity Splash! .

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Thomas Wassberg Swedish cross-country skier

Thomas Lars Wassberg is a Swedish former cross-country skier. A fast skating style – push for every leg – is still called "Wassberg" after him in several countries. Wassberg's skiing idols when growing up were Sixten Jernberg and Oddvar Brå. He has described his mental strength and physical fitness as his greatest abilities as a skier, with his main weakness being a lack of sprinting ability.

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The second season of Swedish Idol premiered in August 2005 and continued until its grand finale on 2 December, when 17-year-old Agnes Carlsson from Vänersborg was crowned winner. The series was the first to crown a female Idol and is to date the sole season to be won by either a public or judges' wildcard contestant. Of the over 120 Idol winners worldwide, Carlsson is one of only three who gained a place in the finals as a judges' wildcard. The others are 2003 Canadian Idol winner Ryan Malcolm and 2007 Australian Idol winner Natalie Gauci. Carlsson has since become the most successful recording artist in the show's history.

<i>Idol</i> (Swedish TV series)

Idol is a Swedish reality-competition talent show broadcast on TV4. It first appeared in August 2004, and became one of the most popular shows on Swedish television. Part of the Idols franchise, it originated from the reality program Pop Idol created by British entertainment executive Simon Fuller, which was first aired in 2001 in the United Kingdom.

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Agneta Sjödin is a Swedish television presenter and personality of the Swedish television channel TV4. She presented the first two seasons of the popular show Let's Dance with David Hellenius.

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Hanna Hedlund

Hanna Kristina Hedlund is a Swedish singer. Her sister Lina is also a singer. She has a son and a daughter with Martin Stenmarck.

Martin Lidberg Swedish wrestler

Martin Lidberg is a Swedish wrestler. He is a world champion, two-time European champion as well as 19-time Swedish champion. He has competed in the olympics three times. In 2007 he won Let's Dance 2007 in Sweden together with his dancing partner Cecilia Ehrling, defeating Tobbe Blom, host of Idol 2005. Lidberg and Ehrling represented Sweden in the Eurovision Dance Contest 2007, where they placed 14th.

<i>Talang 2007</i> Season of Swedish television series

Talang 2007 was the first season of the show Talang, the Swedish version of Got Talent. Talang 2007 had its premiere on 13 April 2007 and ended on 1 June 2007. The winner of the show was Zillah & Totte. This season was hosted by Peppe Eng, and the judges were: Tobbe Blom, Hanna Hedlund and Bert Karlsson.

David Hellenius

David Hellenius is a Swedish comedian and television presenter, often co-operating with Peter Magnusson.

Peter Jihde

Peter Jihde is a Swedish television host and sports reporter on TV4.

Tilde de Paula Eby

Anatilde Jane "Tilde" de Paula Eby is a Chilean-born Swedish journalist, author, television presenter and host of many of TV4s flagship programs. She has hosted many popular television shows such as the Nobel Prize, Polar Music Prize and live televised cancer fundraising events, and from 1997 until 2018 was one of the hosts of the popular Swedish breakfast programme Nyhetsmorgon.

Andreas Weise

Andreas Georg Fredrik Weise is a Swedish singer, songwriter, TV host and entertainer.

<i>Idol 2013</i> (Sweden)

Idol 2013 was the Swedish Idol series' ninth season which premiered on August 19, 2013. and ended on December 6, 2013. In January 2013, TV4 confirmed that the Idol series would be returning after a year's hiatus after Idol 2011.

Nassim Al Fakir

Stefan Nassim Al Fakir is a Swedish musician, presenter, comedian, master of ceremonies, moderator and lecturer for children and adolescents. Al Fakir is the host of children program Bolibompa on Swedish television SVT inside the block Bobster. He plays drums and has played in several bands, often with his younger brother Salem Al Fakir.

Jovan Radomir

Jovan Radomir is a Swedish television presenter, best known for presenting music programmes for Sveriges Television (SVT). His family originates from Bosnia and Herzegovina


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