Tobin Wolf

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Tobin Wolf
Theodore Walter Wolf

(1922-07-21)July 21, 1922
DiedJune 21, 1999(1999-06-21) (aged 76)
Other namesTed Wolf
Years active19791999
Known forCreator of ThunderCats
Spouse(s)Helen Pierce (1941–1955)
Edwina Ruegen Wolf (1968–1998)
ChildrenJanice Wolf (b. 1948; daughter)
Parent(s)Peter Wolf (father)
Elizabeth Wolf (mother)

Theodore Walter "Tobin" Wolf (July 21, 1922 – June 21, 1999), also known as Ted Wolf, was an American writer who was known for creating the animated television series ThunderCats . He was also an inventor with several patents to his name. Wolf was born in 1922 in La Romana, Dominican Republic, and died in 1999, in Honolulu, Hawaii. [1]

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ThunderCats is an American media franchise, featuring a fictional group of catlike humanoid aliens. The characters were created by Tobin "Ted" Wolf and originally featured in an animated television series named ThunderCats, running from 1985 to 1989, which was animated by Japanese studio Pacific Animation Corporation, and co-produced by Rankin-Bass Animated Entertainment.

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