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Toby Wren is an Australian jazz composer and performer. He performs in the Toby Wren Trio/Quartet, the Carnatic Jazz Experiment, which incorporates Indian music, [1] [2] and he led the sextet Finders Keepers. [3]



Wren graduated from the Queensland Conservatorium in 1998.


He was selected for the Australian Composers Orchestral Forum twice, and has been a Composer Affiliate of The Queensland Orchestra. In 1997, he won the DIGF composition prize for his guitar piece "Nebbish". He was a finalist in the APRA Music Awards in 2011, in a jazz category. [4] In 2006 and 2008, Wren travelled to India to learn about Carnatic music. [1] He has written arrangements for George, Rhubarb and Chris Pickering. He has also collaborated with other artists, including saxophonist Rafael Karlen. [5]


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