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Todd Verow
BornNovember 11, 1966

Todd Verow (born November 11, 1966) is an American film director who resides in New York City. He attended the Rhode Island School of Design and the AFI Conservatory. With his creative partner James Derek Dwyer, he formed Bangor Films in 1995. He was also the cinematographer for Jon Moritsugu's film Terminal USA (1993). He has been called a veteran of the New Queer Cinema. [1]


His numerous productions on digital video have led to his being called "once and future king of DV" by Film Threat. [2] He is openly gay. [3] [4]


Short film1989V Is for Violetdirector15 minutes
Film1995 Frisk director; writer; actorBlond Man in Bathroom
Film1997 Little Shots of Happiness director; writer; actorFrances' HusbandLong Island Film Festival Grand Jury Prize winner
New England Film & Video Festival Innovation and Resourcefulness Award winner
Huntington International Film Festival Creative Artist Award winner
Film1998Shucking the Curvedirector; writer; actorNeighbor Nodance Film Festival Grand Jury Award winner
Film1999 The Trouble with Perpetual Deja-Vu director; writer Chicago Underground Film Festival Silver Jury Award winner
Nodance Film Festival Best Director Award winner
Film2000director; writer
Film2000Once and Future Queendirector; writer Chicago Underground Film Festival Silver Jury Award winner
Film2002Take Awaydirector; writer
Short film2002Face Firstdirector
Short film2003Fluffdirector
Film2004Anonymous [5] director; writer; actorTodd
Film2006 Bulldog in the White House director; writer; actorBulldog Chicago Underground Film Festival Gold Jury Award winner
Film2006 Hooks to the Left director; writer
Film2006 Vacationland [6] director; writer; actorMan in Bar (uncredited)
Film2008 Between Something & Nothing director; writer; actorHotel John
Film2009 The Boy with the Sun in His Eyes director; writer
Film2010Deleted Scenesdirector; writer; actorJohn
Film2010director; writer
Film2010Leave Blankdirector; writer; actorTodd
Film2012 Bad Boy Street director; writer; actorMichael
Film2012 The Endless Possibility of Sky director; writer; actorBagger
Short film2012Jacob Sterlingdirector
Short film2013Fire Island 1979director; writer; actor
Film2013Tumbledowndirector; writer; actorJay
Short film2013Tom's Giftco-director
Documentary2013co-director; co-writer
Documentary2014Age of Consentco-director; co-writer

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