Todo Mundo (band)

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Todo Mundo
Todo Mundo at La Jolla Concerts - 2014-08-17 - 018.JPG
Todo Mundo at La Jolla Cove August 17, 2014
Background information
Origin Argentina / San Diego
Years active2009 (2009)–present
  • Santiago Orozco
  • Stephen Gentillalli
  • Matt Bozzone
  • Jacob Russo
  • Brad Nash
  • Willie Fleming

Todo Mundo ("All the World") is a San Diego based six-piece music band fronted by Santiago Orozco, which plays world music blending pop, reggae, rock, gypsy, Caribbean and Latin music. The band was originally created by Orozco in Argentina in 2009 [1] [2] and recreated in 2010 in San Diego. [1]


Albums and awards

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