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Toine van Peperstraten.

Toine van Peperstraten (born 18 December 1967 in Achthuizen, South Holland) is a Dutch sports journalist, best known for hosting the NOS TV sports program Studio Sport.



Being a celebrity, he also participated in the 2006 edition of Wie is... de Mol?, the series' second celebrity edition. Since February 2019, Van Peperstraten is the presenter of the NPO Radio 2 program 't Get Nu Laat from WNL and thus returned to NPO Radio 2. And since 2020 he also presents the program Stax&Toine with Dionne Stax on NPO Radio 1 from Monday to Thursday. Since March 2021, he has been presenting the program with Mischa Blok and it is called Blok&Toine.

In 2022, he appeared in the television show The Masked Singer .

Humanitarian work

Toine is Ambassador for the Eye Care Foundation [1] and Parasports.

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Digitenne is the Dutch digital terrestrial television platform. It is owned by KPN. Digitenne uses the DVB-T2 standard. The national public television channels NPO 1, NPO 2, NPO 3 and the regional public television channels are free-to-air. For all other television channels a subscription is required.

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The STER, is responsible for the broadcast of radio and television ads on the Dutch media service NPO. With the income from these, parts of the costs of public broadcasting are paid for.

NPO FunX is a Dutch public radio station which has been on air since 3 August 2002. The station runs mainly urban music.

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Nederlandse Publieke Omroep or Dutch Foundation for Public Broadcasting is a Dutch public broadcasting organisation that administers public broadcasting services in the Netherlands. The NPO is also the owner of the radio-spectrum licence and public DVB-T and DAB+ frequencies.

<i>NOS Journaal</i> Dutch TV series or program

NOS Journaal is the umbrella name for the news broadcasts of the Dutch public broadcaster NOS on radio and television. The division of the NOS responsible for gathering and broadcasting the news is known as NOS Nieuws, and is based at the Media Park in Hilversum; the NOS also has fully equipped radio and television studios in The Hague, from which political programmes are often produced.

Eye Care Foundation (ECF) is an international charity organisation active in over 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin-America.

<i>NOS op 3</i> Dutch TV series or program

NOS op 3 is a Dutch radio broadcasting program and a former television program of the Dutch Broadcasting Foundation.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Omroep Zwart</span> Television channel

Omroep Zwart, also known simply as Zwart, is a Dutch broadcasting association that is part of the Dutch public broadcasting system since 1 January 2022. The initiators are rapper Akwasi Ansah and film director Gianni Grot. The goal of the broadcaster is to create inclusive programs with new people, including those with different skin colors, preferences, origins, sexual orientations, backgrounds, or disabilities. The broadcaster collaborates with BNNVARA.


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