Toko, Cameroon

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CountryFlag of Cameroon.svg  Cameroon Flag of the Federal Republic of Southern Cameroons.svg  Ambazonia
Province Southwest Province
Department Ndian
Arrondissement Ekondo-Titi

Toko is a commune in the Ndian département, Southwest Province, western Cameroon.

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1025 Riema, provisional designation 1923 NX, is a bright Hungaria asteroid from the innermost regions of the asteroid belt, approximately 5 kilometers in diameter. It was discovered on 12 August 1923, by German astronomer Karl Reinmuth at the Heidelberg Observatory in southwest Germany. The asteroid was named after ARI astronomer Johannes Riem.

Al Jufra Airbase is a Libyan Air Force base in Waddan, 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) northeast of Hun, a desert city in the Jufra District of Libya. It was originally used by the Libyan Arab Air Force from 1969 to 2011.

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The Southwest Branch Saint John River is a 62.0-mile-long (99.8 km) river in Maine and Quebec. The branch originates in "Little Saint John Lake" on the international boundary between Saint-Zacharie, Quebec and Seboomook Lake Township 5, Range 20, WELS. The branch forms the Canada–United States border as it flows northeasterly to a confluence with the Little Southwest Branch Saint John River in Seboomook Lake Township 9, Range 18, WELS. The Southwest Branch flows briefly into Quebec and then through Maine to its confluence with the Baker Branch Saint John River in Seboomook Lake Township 9, Range 17, WELS. The Southwest Branch finally joins with the Northwest Branch to form the Saint John River.

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Bigoudine is a small town and rural commune in Taroudant Province of the Souss-Massa-Drâa region of Morocco. At the time of the 2004 census, the commune had a total population of 6465 people living in 1025 households.

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The Harhoog is a dolmen, a rectangular megalithic tomb from the Funnelbeaker culture, located near Keitum on the island of Sylt in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. Discovered in 1925, it was moved to the present site in 1954 when a new airport was developed.

Paikbheri is a village in the Bhagabanpur I CD block in the Egra subdivision of the Purba Medinipur district in the state of West Bengal, India.


Coordinates: 4°53′27″N9°06′09″E / 4.8907°N 9.1025°E / 4.8907; 9.1025