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Tokyo Goannas
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Full nameTokyo Goannas Australian Rules Football Club
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ColoursRed and white
Competition AFL Japan
PremiershipsJAFL Top League (6): 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015
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The Tokyo Goannas Football Club is an Australian sport team that was created in 1991 in Japan. [1]


The club is a non-profit organization created to advance Australian Football and Australian sporting culture in Japan.[ citation needed ] It has won the Japan AFL (JAFL) championship trophy ten times.[ citation needed ] The club participates in the JAFL along with other teams in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.

The club's membership base includes expatriate residents, foreign nationals, and supporters. [1] Past members have come from the United States, England, Ireland, and many local areas of Japan.[ citation needed ] The Goannas hold several events throughout the year, including a black-tie ball held at the Australian Embassy.[ citation needed ]

The club combines with other Japanese nationals to compete in the Asian Australian Football Championships which it has competed in since 2005 as the Japan Goannas. As the Japan Goannas it won the Men's Div 3 Champions in 2019.

Japan AFL Top League Premierships

2006Tokyo Goannas8.7.55Eastern Hawks2.7.21
2007Tokyo Goannas15.18.108Nagoya Redbacks12.12.84
2008Tokyo Goannas26.11.167Eastern Hawks9.11.65
2009Tokyo Goannas13.10.88Eastern Hawks6.14.50 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
2010Tokyo Goannas12.15.87Nagoya Redbacks5.8.38 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
2012Tokyo Goannas7.12.54Osaka Dingoes6.15.51 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
2015Tokyo Goannas10.8.68Tokyo Bay Suns10.6.66 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

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