Tokyo Jukebox 2

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Tokyo Jukebox 2
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Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 14, 2011
StudioThe Village Recorder, Los Angeles, California
Additional recording at Crescent Studio, Avaco Creative Studio, Power House Studio, all Tokyo, Japan
Label HPQ
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Tokyo Jukebox 2
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Tokyo Jukebox 2 is a studio album by the American guitarist Marty Friedman. The album is a collection of instrumental covers of Japanese songs, produced and arranged by Marty Friedman himself.

Track listing

1."Yeah! Meccha Holiday" (Aya Matsuura cover)3:09
2."Nada Sousou" (Rimi_Natsukawa cover)2:49
3."Ai Takatta" (AKB48 cover)4:28
4."Ame no Bojyo Funa Uta" (Aki Yashiro cover)2:42
5."Toire no Kamisama" (Kana Uemura cover)5:58
6."Canon a la Koto" (Johann Pachelbel cover)1:55
7."I Love You" (Yutaka Ozaki cover)3:48
8."Sunao ni Naretara" (Juju cover)3:41
9."Butterfly" (Kaela Kimura cover)2:51
10."Beautiful Days" (Arashi cover)4:50
11."Little Braver" (Girls Dead Monster cover)4:37
12."Mata Kimi Ni Koishi Teru" (Fuyumi Sakamoto cover)3:26
13."sukiyaki" (Kyu Sakamoto cover)3:26
Total length:46:40

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