Toleranzpreis der Evangelischen Akademie Tutzing

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The Toleranzpreis der Evangelischen Akademie Tutzing (Prize for tolerance) is a prize that has been awarded biennially by the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing to personalities who have been influential towards a dialogue between cultures and religions. From 2012, an additional prize has been given to support moral courage (Preis zur Förderung der Zivilcourage).


The prize was given to: [1]

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The Evangelische Akademie Tutzing is an education and conference center in Tutzing, Bavaria, run by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria. It was founded in 1947. The main building is Schloss Tutzing on Lake Starnberg. The academy awards the Marie Luise Kaschnitz Prize for contemporary literature from 1984, and the Toleranzpreis der Evangelischen Akademie Tutzing prize for tolerance, which since 2000 has been given biennially to people who worked towards the coexistence of religions.

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