Tollie Records

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Tollie Records
Parent company Vee Jay Records
Distributor(s) Vee Jay Records
Genre Jazz, folk, pop
Country of originUnited States

Tollie Records was a record label formed in February 1964, as a subsidiary label of Vee-Jay Records. It closed in May 1965.


The label distributed two of the Beatles' singles in the United States before Capitol Records eventually took over. The first single was "Twist and Shout" b/w "There's a Place" (Tollie 9001), which was released in February 1964, amid the flurry of Beatlemania that was sweeping the United States at that time. This single version of their recording reached the number 2 position on Billboard's Top 40 Hit Singles chart, with its B-side "There's a Place" reaching number 74, while the other top five spots were also Beatles records: "Can't Buy Me Love", Capitol, No. 1; "She Loves You", Swan, No. 3; "I Want to Hold Your Hand", Capitol, No. 4; "Please Please Me", Vee-Jay, No. 5.

The second single released by Tollie was "Love Me Do" b/w "P.S. I Love You" (Tollie 9008), in April 1964. It went all the way to number 1 in Billboard, while its B-side "PS I Love You" reached number 10. Although the label released a total of 48 singles before it ceased operation in 1965, the Beatles records were its only million-sellers. The label's second release was the Dowlands' cover of the Beatles "All My Loving" b/w "Hey Sally" (Tollie 9002). The Dowlands had a UK number 24 hit with the track, which was produced by Joe Meek. Their recording is an almost exact copy of George Martin's Beatles production.

Previous releases of some early Beatles songs on the Vee-Jay label in the summer of 1963 failed to chart in America. "From Me to You" reached no higher than No. 47 on one American Northwest Chart (KISN Radio in Portland, Oregon), in late August 1963. [1]

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"Baby It's You" is a song written by Burt Bacharach (music), Luther Dixon, and Mack David (lyrics). It was recorded by the Shirelles and the Beatles, and was a hit for both. The highest-charting version of "Baby It's You" was by the band Smith, who took the song to number five on the US charts in 1969.

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Souvenir of Their Visit to America is an EP of music by English rock band the Beatles. Released on 23 March 1964, it is the first of three Beatles EPs released in the United States and the only one released by Vee-Jay Records. The EP features four songs that had previously been released by Vee-Jay on their Introducing... The Beatles album. This EP did not chart.

"Dawn " is a song written by Bob Gaudio and Sandy Linzer and recorded by The Four Seasons in November 1963. The song hit No. 3 in the early part of 1964. According to Billboard, it was the 25th biggest hit single of the year, placing behind "Rag Doll", another Four Seasons hit, which was No. 24.

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The Beatles experienced huge popularity on the British record charts in early 1963, but record companies in the United States did not immediately follow up with releases of their own, and the Beatles' commercial success in the US continued to be hampered by other obstacles, including issues with royalties and public derision toward the "Beatle haircut".

Rarities is the name of two separate and unrelated compilation albums by the English rock band the Beatles. The first was released in the United Kingdom in December, 1978, while the second album was issued in the United States in March, 1980.

Randall Albert "Randy" Wood was an American record company executive. As an executive and later President of Vee-Jay Records in the early 1960s, he was involved in the early successes of the Four Seasons, as well as the releases of the first Beatles records in the United States. He later launched several independent record labels including Mira and Mirwood.


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