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Tom Bouden
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The Importance of Being Earnest
In Bed with David & Jonathan
Awards Prix Saint-Michel

Tom Bouden (born 1971, Ostend, Belgium) is an openly gay Belgian artist, [1] [2] [3] best known for his comics albums, which often satirize old-fashioned Belgian comics.



Tom Bouden was born in Ostend, Belgium in 1971. He started making comics with his friends when he was 9 years old, and later studied animation in Ghent. He began to focus on gay themes when a gay youth group asked him to draw a promotional poster for them. He started working for several gay magazines, and in 1993 these comics were collected as the book Flikkerzicht. This was followed by Max en Sven, a semi-autobiographical story about a boy who falls in love with his best friend.

Career timeline

1990: a gay youth club asks Tom Bouden to make some illustrations for a new campaign. Soon, the figures on the poster (Max and Sven) have leading parts in their own comic. Based on these stories, Tom Bouden is asked to draw a comic on a regular basis for the monthly Belgian gay-magazine ZiZo. A year later, the Dutch magazine Expreszo follows.

1994: The gags from these magazines are collected in his first album, Flikkerzicht.

1997: Publication in the Dutch Gay-Krant, scripts for Disney-Comics and various texts for TV and theatre.

1998: Tom Bouden begins to work as assistant for Hec Leemans, author of the famous Flemish newspapercomic FC De Kampioenen .

2000: Publication in the German magazine 'Queer' and 'Freshmen', the Dutch Gay & Night and the English DNA-magazine. The 12th album is published in German and English. He's also busy writing stories for The Smurfs .

2002: The first Kid City-book, based on the site is published in French and Dutch by Editions Dupuis.

2004: A second English publication:the book Max and Sven (Green Candy Press), and a French publication: Max et Sven (H&O).

2007: The German publisher Bruno Gmünder starts publishing books by Bouden in English.

2010: Bouden reboots De Lustige Kapoentjes .

Bouden's comics have been translated into French, German, English, Spanish, and Italian.

Next to his gay comics, Bouden also works on adaptations of novels and children comics based on Flemish TV-shows. He worked very briefly as a writer for The Smurfs and Donald Duck.

Publications in English

Magazines he's worked for

Other publications


2006: Prix Saint-Michel for best Dutch comicbook with 'Het belang van Ernst' ( translated as 'The Importance of being Earnest' )

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