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Tom Coates (born 19 July 1972) is a technologist and early weblogger [ citation needed ] based in San Francisco, California who has been writing since 1999.[ citation needed ] He has written extensively about social software, the web of data, location services and future media distribution. He launched the Fire Eagle location service for Yahoo in 2008.[ citation needed ]

Coates was educated at the Norwich School, the University of Bristol and the London College of Printing.[ citation needed ] He worked at the BBC running an R&D team for BBC Radio,[ citation needed ] and before that he developed the geo-coded online community UpMyStreet Conversations. [1] He has also developed online communities for emap and was Production Editor of Time Out 's website. [2] His professional written work includes film reviews for the BBC, [3] contributions to Time Out city guides and comment pieces on technology for The Guardian . [4]

From late 2005 until 14 May 2010 Coates worked for Yahoo!, initially for the Tech Development team with Caterina Fake, Jeremy Zawodny and Simon Willison. [5] He was later Head of Product for the Brickhouse product incubator. [6]

Coates' weblog has won a number of Bloggies including Best European Weblog (2001 and 2002), [7] [8] Best Gay/Lesbian/Trans weblog (2001), [7] Best British or Irish Weblog (2004 and 2005) [9] [10] and Lifetime Achievement (2005). [10] He also runs the online subcultural community Barbelith,[ citation needed ] initially inspired by the work of comic book writer Grant Morrison. [11]

He is also on the advisory council of the Open Rights Group.[ citation needed ]

Coates co-organised the London Hack Day in June 2007 with help from Matthew Cashmore from [12]

The Evening Standard named Coates as one of the Most Influential 1000 Londoners in 2007 and again in 2008. [13] [14]

In March 2008, Coates launched the Fire Eagle location brokerage service for Yahoo! at ETech.[ citation needed ] The service was opened up to the general public on 12 August 2008. Despite being well regarded as a significant contribution to location sharing and online privacy,[ citation needed ] the service was generally unsuccessful. Coates has since left Yahoo.

In January 2011 he was listed in Wired UK's Smart List 2011. [15]

He is an advisor for several start-ups including Lanyrd, the social conference directory created by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe. [16] He is the founder of Product Club, a company that bills itself as doing "New Product Development and Invention".

Coates has wired his San Francisco house up to Twitter as an Internet of Things-style experiment. [17]

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