Tom Dollar

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Tom Dollar
Tom Dollar (1967).jpg
French film poster for Tom Dollar [1]
Directed by Marcello Ciorciolini
Screenplay by
  • John Connery
  • Pierre DeVries [1]
Story by
  • John Connery
  • Pierre DeVries [1]
Based onTom Dollar
by Al Petre
Produced by
  • Antonio Lucatelli
  • Francesco Giorgi [2]
CinematographyRino Filippini [1]
Edited byMario Anconetani [1]
Music by
  • Giosy Capuano
  • Mario Capuano [1]
  • Tigiell 33
  • Les Films Jacques Leitienne [1]
Distributed byEuro International
Release date
  • 1967 (1967)(Italy)
Running time
90 minutes [1]
  • Italy
  • France [1]

Tom Dollar is a 1967 comedic spy film written and directed by Marcello Ciorciolini and starring Maurice Poli in the title role. [3] It is based on a fotoromanzo, starring the same Poli, published in over 30 countries. [4] It was shot in Tehran. [4]



Special agent Tom Dollar investigates the mysterious death of the Iranian prince Barancan.



Tom Dollar was based on the photonovel of the same name by Al Petre. [1] It was one of the first photonovels based on a secret agent and was released in the magazine Bolero Film in 1965. [1] Maurice Poli played the role of Tom Dollar, and had already appeared in the photonovels as the character. [5]

The film was predominantly shot in Rome, including scenes at the Villa Miani. [5]


Tom Dollar was released in Italy in 1967 where it was distributed by Euro International. [1] [2]

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