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Tom Drummond
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Born (1969-06-30) June 30, 1969 (age 53)
Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S.

Tom Melville Drummond (born June 30, 1969 [1] Shreveport, Louisiana) is an American musician. He is currently the bassist and background vocalist for the band, Better Than Ezra.

Drummond is one of the four original founding members who formed Better Than Ezra in 1988. [2] He had graduated from Caddo Magnet High School and was attending Louisiana State University at the time. [2] Drummond, along with lead vocalist Kevin Griffin, are the only two original members of Better Than Ezra currently active with the band.

Tom Drummond is currently the only member of Better Than Ezra who still resides full-time in New Orleans as of 2009. [3] Bandmates Kevin Griffin and Michael Jerome are based in Nashville and Los Angeles respectively. [3]

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Deluxe is a studio album by the alternative rock band Better Than Ezra. It has been released by two labels: the original version in 1993 by Swell Records, and the 1995 version by Elektra Records. This is the group's best known album and contains their biggest single, "Good". It is also their debut major label record, as Surprise was entirely self-released and sold.

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Joel Rundell was an American musician best known as one of the four original members and lead guitarist of the Louisiana-based alternative rock band Better Than Ezra. He and the other original members formed the group while attending Louisiana State University.

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Travis Aaron McNabb is an American drummer and percussionist. McNabb is perhaps best known as a longtime member of the band Better Than Ezra, although he has performed session and touring work with many acts during his career. Prior to joining Better Than Ezra in January 1996, McNabb toured with acts such as Vigilantes of Love, Beggars, and seminal Oregon-based punk rock band The Wipers. Since mid-2007, he has been the full-time touring drummer with Grammy-award winning Country/Bluegrass act Sugarland.

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"Our Last Night" is the second single from the 2005 Better Than Ezra studio album, Before the Robots, written by lead vocalist, Kevin Griffin. It was released as a commercial single in 2005.

<i>All Together Now</i> (Better Than Ezra album) 2014 studio album by Better Than Ezra

All Together Now is the eighth studio album by the New Orleans-based rock group Better Than Ezra, released on September 9, 2014. It is available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download. Produced and mixed by Grammy-nominated producer Tony Hoffer, the album marks the band's first release through The End Records.


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