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Tom Fahn
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Thomas Fahn

1962 (age 6061)
OccupationVoice actor
Spouse Dorothy Elias-Fahn
Relatives Jonathan Fahn (brother)
Melissa Fahn (sister)
Mike Fahn (brother)

Thomas Fahn (born 1962) [1] is an American voice actor. He is known for his portrayals as Sho Fukamachi in Guyver and Agumon in the Digimon franchise.


Personal life

His sister and brother, Melissa Fahn and Jonathan Fahn, respectively and wife, Dorothy Elias-Fahn, are also voice actors. His brother, Mike Fahn, is a jazz trombone player. Fahn is married to fellow actress Dorothy Elias-Fahn. They have one daughter. [2]



Live action


Video games

Dubbing roles


Live action


Video games

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