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Tom Freedman is a consultant who served in the White House as Senior Advisor to U.S. President Bill Clinton. He continues to be an advisor to President Clinton. [1] Freedman was also Chief of Staff for Political Strategy for the Clinton/Gore Campaign in 1996, part of a team that helped define Republican Bob Dole early in the race using a multi-million ad campaign. Freedman served as a member of the 2008 presidential Obama-Biden Transition Project on the Technology, Innovation, and Government Reform Policy Working Group. [2] Freedman was a policy consultant for the Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2012. [3] Today he is the President of Freedman Consulting, a strategic and policy consulting firm, and writes on public policy issues. [4]


Obama's transition, 2008

During President Barack Obama’s transition, Freedman authored a chapter of recommendations for the next Domestic Policy Council in the Center for American Progress book Change for America: A Progressive Blueprint for the 44th President. [5] Also, he wrote a chapter on ending child hunger in America with Joel Berg in the book Memos to the New President”. [6]

Early life and career

Previously, Mr. Freedman was Press Secretary and later Legislative Director to then Congressman Charles E. Schumer (D-NY). He co-founded with Eli Segal the non-profit organization, the Welfare to Work Partnership, which grew to include more than 20,000 companies that hired more than one million Americans off of public assistance.[ citation needed ]

A graduate of Carleton College, Mr. Freedman attended the University of California at Berkeley where he served as Editor-in-Chief of the California Law Review. In 1985, Freedman was awarded a traveling Watson Fellowship and conducted a year-long study of African famine. He has published opinion pieces in a variety of newspapers including The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, and The Washington Post. [7]


Some of Mr. Freedman's authored and co-authored publications include:

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